Sell tickets to your friends and earn tickets and experiences!


  • Create your own private Facebook Groups or group chats with your friends, or any other private channels to discuss and make sales.

  • Post on your own social media channels that you are an ambassador for the event, as long as you don't tag the event’s official social channels when posting. This includes tags (@) and hashtags (#).

  • Post on your social media stories.

  • Speak to your friends and family in person about buying tickets from you.



  • Post or comment on any of the event’s official social media pages attempting to sell tickets. This includes an event’s official Facebook pages, event pages or on posts on the event’s official Instagram pages.

  • Post or advertise on third party, ticket resale sites and public forums such as open Facebook Groups and Events, Craigslist, eBay, Radiate, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or similar.

  • Create accounts or pages that impersonate the event.

Breaking these rules could result in your Ambassador account being terminated. Please reach out to your Community Manager if you have any questions regarding the Ambassador Commitment.

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